“Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness”


‘Tis not thy grandam’s Shakespeare!

The Tipsy Shakespeare Project is Greenwood, South Carolina’s newest best night out: bringing you the rude, violent, sexy, sad, hysterical plays of William Shakespeare the way they were meant to be seen… while drinking!

We’re bringing our no-frills, fast-paced performances of Will's greatest works to bars across South Carolina; and in true 16th century fashion, we’re tearing down the fourth wall, bringing our groundlings (that's YOU) directly into the action! Our merry band of actors have been rehearsing tirelessly for just a couple of hours, so you never know what surprises might be around yon corner!

Interested in joining our merry band of actors? Stay tuned for more info coming very soon!

So welcome, royals and groundlings alike, to The Tipsy Shakepeare Project. Now sit back, relax, and let’s put the BAR back in Bard!

The Tipsy Shakespeare Project is produced by the Greenwood Community Theatre in collaboration with the Eccentric Bear Theater Co. 

coming up.

Fri, May 08
Good Times Brewing at Maxwell Station
Twelfth Night @ Good Times Brewing
If music be the food of love... drink!

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