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we are...​

a grassroots group of performing artists that wants to bring the theatre back to its communal roots. With a focus in clown, movement, music, and puppetry — our work is rooted in the belief that art is not a privilege, and we actively reject the culture of elitism that has come to define so much of the theatre making process. 

we believe in...

access.  We believe that art is not a privilege, and we are dedicated to making as much of our work as possible available to anyone who seeks it out, regardless of ability or financial status.


inclusion We will create a safe and welcome space for all people, regardless of age, race, economic class, sexuality, gender, or ability. Likewise, we will have clearly defined procedures in place to address instances of discrimination or harassment should they occur. 

integrity & innovation.  The Eccentric Bear will be at the forefront of artistic excellence and professional integrity in our field, and we will continually challenge ourselves to find unconventional and innovative ways to create theater.

play.  We believe in the transformative power of play to disrupt the mundane and wake up the imaginative spirit.

joy.  We believe that joy must be at the center of any creative process. Our work has the potential to be tragic, challenging, and at times even hard to watch. But in our process, we must always remember to approach that work with the spirit of joy. Without it, the act of creation cannot begin.



our code of conduct...

is a tool for self­‐governance that seeks to nurture communication, safety, respect, and accountability between participants at all levels within the Eccentric Bear Theater Co.* Its mission is to create:

  • Spaces free of harassment, whether it be sexual or based in race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, or ability.

  • Nurturing environments which allow us to challenge ourselves, our audiences, and our communities; support risk of mind and body; and establish the freedom to create theatre that represents the full range of human experience.

  • A common understanding of practices within our organization.

You can access our full Code of Conduct HERE.

*The Eccentric Bear Code of Conduct is adapted from the Chicago Theatre Standards: created directly in response to abusive behavior within the Chicago theatre community. For more information, visit


Isaac Young


Managing Artistic Director

Isaac Young is an award winning writer, producer, and performance artist who has worked professionally in multiple entertainment fields from theatre to circus to nightclubs. Onstage, he has been seen across the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex performing with WaterTower Theatre, Theatre 3, Shakespeare Dallas, Trinity Shakespeare Festival, among others. His solo play, The Book of Gabe, premiered at the 2018 Festival of Independent Theatres to rave reviews, and is currently performing at various venues across the Northeast. He is the co-creator of FNU: The Fake News Update, a scripted comedy podcast now available on all major platforms.​ 


Isaac is an alum of Southern Methodist University and the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities.

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